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Performing Arts: Dance


dance performance

The Performing Arts Dance Pathway is a truly phenomenal route to take for students who like to express their creativity through Dance and Dance Ensemble. Ms. Roy is the head teacher of the pathway and has helped many kids pursue their artistic dreams on the stage. It has benefited many students with courage and find their inner creativity, and help them have a fun time at Hillside Middle School. It will help all Hillside students in the artistic and academic component’s of there daily lives.It is a creative and academic escape for young artistic minds. 


Performing Arts: Professional Music (Vocal)


musical pathway


Courses include Mixed Chorus, Choral Ensemble and Concert Choir.

Performing Arts: Professional Music (Instrumental)


instrumental music

Courses include Piano I & II, Beginning and Orchestra, and Concert Band and Orchestra.


Performing Arts: Theatre/Production & Managerial Arts


production and managerial arts

The Theatre Performing Arts Pathway is a marvelous route to help all creatively-inclined students at Hillside Middle School. The pathway includes many wonderful classes, including; Theater I & II, Play Production, and Jr. Thespian Troupe. Theatre has helped many young students open up their minds to new music and a new creativity.