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Student Support Period (SOAR)

It's 11:15am!  Where should you be?  You should be in SOAR!

Student Support Period is an intervention time where students can get help from any one of their teachers. This time can be used to complete homework, finish a test, work on a project, study, or ask questions that didn't get answered during class time. It provides teachers an opportunity to work one on one with a student or a small group to help them meet the standards. Students may also use this time to work in the library. If a student has earned a 75% or higher in all of their classes, they may opt to go to the cafeteria to work with friends rather than a classroom.  

SSP meets four times per week, Monday through Thursday, from 2:20 to 3:00 p.m.

8th Grade Portfolio

The 8th Grade Interdisciplinary Discipline Portfolio (also known as the IDP or just the 8th Grade Portfolio) is a culminating project completed by all 8th grade students as a promotion requirement. It combines basic standards from each and every discipline, along with demonstrating technology proficiency, career exploration and planning for future choices. Students complete a total of 8 parts, one in each of their classes (Advisory, Science, History, Math, English, Elective and PE) along with the Portfolio Day presentation. The project starts each year after Thanksgiving Break and culminates in late April.

For full details on this project, please visit the 8th Grade Portfolio site.