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Hillside Middle School has numerous clubs that meet each week. There is something for everyone. Here are a few descriptions to peak your interest. For the full list of 2022-2023 Clubs, please click on the Club Calendar button. 

2022-2023 Club Calendar


National Junior Honor Society

For 2020-2021 National Junior Honor Society Information, click on this LINK.

NJHS is a club that one does not join, but is asked to join based on scholarship, citizenship, and work ethic, the National Junior Honor Society at Hillside Middle School is dedicated to service. This year, we have participated in the American Cancer Society's annual Relay for Life and a toy drive for needy inner city kids. Individual members help in faith-based groups, food share programs, and individual activities to serve the community. In the new year we will serve in For the Troops, the Battered Women's Shelter, tour at least one college site, and more. 

NJHS meets Mondays at lunch.


Circle of Friends

This club provides an environment of inclusion for students with disabilities on the middle school campus, as well as within their community focusing on the understanding and acceptance of differences. We provide the opportunity for students to acquire, practice and improve social and conversational skills and problem-solving strategies in a natural environment with their peers in order to increase self-esteem, thus leading to a more successful adult life. 

See an advisor to join. Advisors: Cindy Hawthorne (Special Education Teacher), Cara Galper (Speech Therapist)


Trading Card Games

 We are highly creative thinkers. By using critical thinking skills we determine resource allocation, forecasting trends, and meta-gaming tactics that help us gain victory against our opponent. Magic the Gathering game is similar to chess; however, we use creatures (elves, giants, wizards, vampires, dwarves, etc...) instead of the traditional chess pieces (pawn, rook, bishop, knight, queen, and king).  Although we do not perform magic tricks (bunnies and hats), we can perform rather complex feats that require high level critical thinking skills. Let us wow you. Come stop by and see our wise and intelligent club members.

Guitar Club

Guitar club is a place for all students with guitars, from beginners to more advanced players, to have fun learning new songs and new skills.

Builder's Club

Builders Club is a service organization (sponsored by the Kiwanis Club) that gives middle school students a chance to learn important leadership skills and develop character and caring while getting more involved with school and community.

Teens for Christ

Teens for Christ is for Christians and anyone else who does not mind hanging around Christians in a Christian way. We serve the Lord by service projects (letters for prisons, baby blankets for unwed mothers, food for hungry children). We also enjoy good fellowship and fun with games, crafts, videos, parties and devotionals. We enjoy having community guest speakers each month. Everyone is always welcome, anytime. 

Conditioning Club

Join Mr. Dinowitz in the weight room. You will enhance your physical fitness, learn how to use gym equipment, and work as a team.