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Yes, it is true! The Hillside Middle School Yearbook won First Place at the California State Fair multiple times. In fact, we had an 11-year winning streak! Don't miss your opportunity to own history that you are a part of and preorder in August! Remember students that personalize their yearbook also will receive their books before anyone else regardless of grade level.

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There are at least 1,001 reasons to buy a yearbook. Here is just a few...

  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #1: The only lasting things you leave Hillside with are knowledge, memories and friends. A yearbook keeps two of these three fresh forever!
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #88: Those old 7th and 8th grade photos will be great fun at parties and family events.
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #306: Your favorite teacher will be in it!
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #19: The love of your life will be in it, or maybe all 12 of them will be. How fun to look back when you have kids of your own.
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #89: Your kids can laugh as hard at your hair and fashions as you did at your parents’.
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #1,000: When you are really, really old the pictures in it will prove true your wild stories about having to go to a place full of other kids where you learned stuff. It was called “School.”
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #753: You can drag it out and brag about how you went to school with this famous person who just got elected, nominated, convicted or awarded.
  • Reason to buy a Yearbook #884: All your classmates can drag out their yearbooks when #753 happens to you!