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Bock, Tawny 6th Grade
Coleman, David 6th Grade
Ellis, Dustin 6th Grade
Stafford, Jennifer 6th Grade
Wozniak, Josie 6th Grade & Theater
Steele, Audra 6th Grade Math & Science
Lazarus, Robyn 6th Grade SAI


1st 200 Hallway Rules

Students should only enter the hallway after 8:00 a.m. as there are zero period classes being held prior to that. Also, no phones are allowed in the hallway (before school, during passing periods, or lunch). Cell phones are to be in student’s locker or backpack and turned off.

Independent Reading

Students will receive a grade for independent reading that may include Accelerated Reader quizzes, news articles, and other reading from teacher-recommended websites. Students who score below grade level may be referred to an intervention class in place of an elective.


Students are expected to record homework assignments (including group projects and studying for tests) in their agenda book or personal planner. Homework is typically assigned Monday through Thursday. If students work diligently they should be able to complete their homework during Student Support Period. Late work will be accepted for reduced credit until the end of the unit (only for Academic classes). Classwork that has not been completed or projects requiring research may need to be completed at home.

Student Support Period (SSP)

SSP occurs Monday through Thursday and is an opportunity for students to study, work on group projects, read, complete homework/classwork, absent work, or seek help from their teachers. Sixth-grade students are only allowed to go to one of their academic classes for SSP unless other arrangements have been made and permission given by one of their teachers.